by cesipxynic

Indeed it’s slightly unbelievable that an album such as this could reach a solid #19 in national charts, but on the other hand, Battiato has even been to Eurovision back in 1984. “Pollution”, on the other hand, is all about audio surrealism; on first listen, it reminded me of the films of a Jean Painlevé (for reasons unknown, although it’s well possible that the temporal proximity of mine watching the latter played a role).


As a nice bonus, the record is also proof that the delay effect (the to-go weapon of 95% of 70s’ experimentalists, and, sadly, one again the to-go weapon of would-be experimentalists of today) can be put to good use even if it’s blatantly audible.

Not uploading it, but you could head over to Swan Fungus and check if you find something. Mutant Sounds posted an album called La Convenzione, a split with Italian prog rockers Juri Camisasca and Osage Tribe, Battiato’s own band, back in the day; I haven’t heard it and it’s not available from MS anymore.